C.B.S.E Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No. 2430170.
*Admission open for Session 2020-21. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are available.*

School Counseling :

Counselling is a form of confidential helping which seeks to elicit each client’s innate internal resources, coping abilities and strengths. Counsellors may help clients with specific problems in the present, but they may also support clients with long-term problems stemming from the past too. Counselling takes place both in individual and group settings, One of the factors that make it special is the quality of helper listening, which involves attending to what the client means to say, as well as what he or she is actually saying.

Counselling children, adolescent and young adults is a specialized area of psychology focused on working with them who may have a mental health condition, have experienced a traumatic event, or are facing a difficult family situation. They often deal with many of the same stressors that elderly adults face. Meeting new people, learning new skills, facing school pressures, and trying to understand difficult situations. But they are often unequipped to comprehend the complexities of these situations, and might shut down, react aggressively, or become anxious at the prospect of facing them. Also, many of them are unable to express the complexities of having emotional or mental problems, so counselling can be an excellent option to explore the causes of your ward's issues.

Counseling is a concept which helps children not only in their academic growth but also to solve many problems which they cannot share with anybody else.

Many a time, small things are indication of a bigger problem. The role of the counselor can never be overappreciated an many a disaster has been prevented through the swift and timely intervention of the counselor.