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Online Class

 On Demand Class

C.B.S.E Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No. 2430170.
*Admission open for Session 2020-21. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are available.*  *CBSE Class X 2020 Re- Evaluation Procedure* & *CBSE Class XII 2020 Re- Evaluation Procedure*

On the way of being recognized as one of the best Boarding school or the best Residential School in Kolkata, Jyotirmoy Public School provides different modes of studying for its students to suit their individual requirements.

We offer facilities which are of international standards and our curriculum can be used by all teachers to give their students the essential technology skills and mindsets to succeed in the future.

Day Schooling :

We offer Day Schooling for students. Day School students enjoy an enriching education at School and can also maintain strong relationships with their parents. Day schooling allows kids to maintain stronger ties with existing friends while still making new ones. Students are able to spend more time with their families throughout the year. Parents can also get to play a hands-on role in helping with homework and projects. Day schooling allows parents to provide continuous feedback to kids as they go through adolescence.

Fully Residential :

In a fully residential schooling system, students spend entire time in boarding except for their vacations. The children are given best boarding school facilities. They learn to fend for themselves because they have to do their own work without waiting for anyone’s help. Residential schooling leads them to become independent, disciplined and self- reliant. They become responsible and learn to take care of things on their own.

Children living in a group have comparatively more creative mindset and abilities. They learn many qualities like teamwork, leadership, compassion, self-management, patience. Living together makes the boarders feel like family.

Many family relocate for work; residential schooling offers students consistency. Students and parents can invest saved time in more enriching pursuits. Family time is often high quality when boarders and parents reunite.

Weekday Boarding :

Jyotirmoy Public School is the first CBSE school in south Kolkata to provide Weekday Boarding. The children will spend 5 days in the week at School campus and will spend the weekends at home. In this day and age, most parents are working and are unable to dedicate necessary time towards their children which results in hampered studies and missed home works. Weekday boarding will help the child to complete their regular studies at School campus thus maintaining the academic performance and will also enable them to spend quality time with their parents and family on weekends when they will have ample time in hand. The students will thus get the best of both worlds. With the weekday boarding facility at Jyotirmoy Public School, students can utilize their time more productively and can avoid wasting time for commute from home to school or to tuition points. The ideal age to avail the weekday boarding facility in school is when they are over nine years old and above. It is the time when a child is mentally developed enough to look out for himself/herself.

Double Shift Classes

Double shift is believed to be a way to save resources and give students flexibility. In double shift, students either attend in the morning shift or in the afternoon shift. At present, the little buds of pre-nursery, nursery and prep can attend double shifts.

In a double shift, two different groups report to school in two different time, that incorporate remediation, guidance and extracurricular activities into each session every day. Double shift helps in reducing the class size, so each student gets proper attention from the teachers.