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Online Class

 On Demand Class

C.B.S.E Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No. 2430170.
*Admission open for Session 2020-21. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are available.*  *CBSE Class X 2020 Re- Evaluation Procedure* & *CBSE Class XII 2020 Re- Evaluation Procedure*

Residential facilities :

Jyotirmoy Public School has Residential facilities available from classes VI onwards. Modern separate hostels are available for Boys and girls.

Advantages of Residential studying :

  1. Return to Nature-

    In a lush green 22 acres campus, the students can always be connected to the nature. Stress levels, in a concrete jungle are bound to be higher, whereas, when a person wakes up to greenery all around and fresh air to breathe, the anxiety and stress levels in the modern day world are bound to drop down making way for happy and relatively stress free life.

  2. Good peer company-

    The company one keeps, describes the person one is. Here at Jyotirmoy School of Law we ensure good peer company for a student’s proper mental and moral development.

  3. No diversion from focused learning-

    Being cut off from the hustle and bustle of regular city life the student can be assured of focused learning. Being a resident of the campus itself, the student has no chance of getting diverted from their course of regular activities and life.

  4. Regular indulgence in extra-curricular activities-

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We thus ensure that each and every student gets regular break from their routine life and get involved in extra-curricular activity of some sort. The huge playground in the campus makes way for cricket or football matches in the evening which the students enjoy.

  5. Healthy food habits-

    Often, at home, students have tantrums regarding the food they are given. They do not eat vegetables and have all sorts of junk food. When they are residing at the campus, it is made sure that everyone eats healthy food regularly thus promoting healthy food habits among students.

  6. Development of independent nature-

    As the student is living in the hostel, he/she gets acquainted with the real life problems that we face every day while living life. This makes the student more independent and prepares them to face the life that lies ahead of them.

  7. Healthy peer competition-

    A student cannot compete with anybody other than a peer. A competition with a senior or junior is not a fair one, so, when the student is residing in the campus itself, they get a chance to involve themselves in healthy competition with their peer and that helps them to grow in every sphere.

  8. Responsible residential coordinator-

    A responsible residential coordinator is present with the students to assist them through every hardship the student ever comes across. The student can get in touch with the person whenever in need and will get the required help. The residential coordinator also makes sure that proper discipline is maintained in the hostel and campus, thus ensuring the entire safety of the students.