Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, (Affiliation No. 2430170)

Home Library
Anandabazar Patrika
The Telegraph
The Times of India
Total number of Newspapers in our School Library= 4 (English-2, Hindi-1,Bengali-1)
Anandamela Competition Success Down to earth
India Today Magic Pot Manorama Year Book
National Geographic’s for Kids National Geography Outlook
Reader’s Digest Science Reporter Sport star
Time Wisdom
Total number of Magazines in our School Library = 14
STORY & NCERT = 2725
Total Number of Books in the Library - 4725
Total number of Periodicals in our School Library= 4

Library Rules

The School library is open to all students and staff of JPS. One book will be issued to each. The borrower should observe the following rules:

  • Books should be handed with clean hands.
  • Books must not be kept lying outside.
  • Books must be kept away from water.
  • Books must not be thrown.
  • Books must not be damaged however in case of damage do not repair it yourself. It must be brought to the immediate notice of the Librarian.
  • Turn pages one at a time.
  • Use bookmark to “save” where you stop reading. Do not fold over a corner of a page.
  • Do not draw or write in library books.
  • Please return books in time.
  • Personal books/belongings are not supposed to be brought into the library.
  • No student and staff may take books out of the library without the permission of the librarian.
  • Students and Staff should return books on /within the due dates, failing which a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged.
  • It is mandatory for students to return the books before Holidays and the School Examination.
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