C.B.S.E Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No. 2430170.
*Admission open for Session 2020-21. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are available.*

Rules & Regulations :

  1.  A teaching atmosphere is necessary for good teaching. So no outsider is allowed to visit the classroom or the teachers without proper permission.
  2.  Any other activities that do not pertain directly to the actual teaching of the school programme can only be allowed with the explicit permission of the principal.
  3.  Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings which must be marked clearly with their names.
  4.  Any damage to school property must be remedied at the cost of the person responsible for the damage.
  5.  Students are strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones, transistors, watches, tape recorders, CDs, DVDs, and costly jewellery. No books, periodicals or magazines of any kind other than school and library books may be brought to the school.
  6.  Use of tobacco material or smoking in the school campus is strictly forbidden.
  7.  Any complaints or suggestions regarding pedagogy, curriculum, etc. made to the teacher concerned or to the head.
  8.  There is no half day leave.