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The 66th Republic Day was celebrated at Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park with a great deal of patriotic zeal and fervour. The day began with the unfurling of the Indian National Flag by Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli-President JKP, followed by the National Anthem and march and walk past by the students and staffs from Jyotirmoy Public School (JPS), Jyotirmoy School of Business (JSB), Jyotirmoy School of Law (JSL), Jyotirmoy School of Education (JSE), Gurukul, Saraswati Infracon India Ltd.(SIIL), Corporate and Transport.

Mr. Suman Majumdar- B.D.O Sonarpur was the guest of honour to witness the ceremony. He was pleased by the beautiful arrangements that were made by the staffs and students of JKP to celebrate the historic birth of the Indian Republic on 26th January 2015. He mentioned, “Twenty Sixth January holds an everlasting place in our national memory because it is the day when modern India was born. Though India became a free nation on August 15, 1947, it declared itself a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic state with the adoption of the Constitution on January 26, 1950”.

The entire school ground reverberated with the rhythmic beats of “Des Mera Rangila and Vande Mataram”, and school students dancing to it with the tricolour flags fluttering in the air. A broad smile could be seen on everyone's face when the excited students released the tri-coloured helium balloons into the air. The events that followed included a beautiful piece of patriotic Bangla Poem- Shankha Chero Bihobolata and dance performed by the students of Jyotirmoy Public School and Gurukul. And an excellent enactment of drama called Towards a Dawn was presented by the students of Jyotirmoy School of Education. Jyotirmoy School of Business winded up the programme with a patriotic song praising “Hindusthan”.

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